Pear Vanilla Breakfast!




Introduction: Pear Vanilla Breakfast!

This morning, I invented this lovely warm Vegan Pear Vanilla Breakfast. Often, Peter & I eat warm oatmeal for breakfast but this morning, I wanted something else so I used whole spelt flakes that are precooked. So when you cook them, you only need like 10 minutes. Will you join me for breakfast?

Step 1: Gather Your 4 Ingredients!

1 cup + 1/2 cup whole spelt flakes

2 cups (500 ml) unsweetened soy milk

1 teaspoon home-made vanilla extract

1 very ripe organic pear, cored & cut up into smaller chunks

Step 2: Method: Cook It All Together on Medium-heat for 10 Minutes

Take a medium cooking pot & add all 4 ingredients in it. Cook spelt flakes & other ingredients together on medium-heat for about 10 minutes, stirring often. Spoon into 2 lovely colorful breakfast bowls & wait for about 5 minutes. Devour with a big smile on your face! This warm breakfast fills me up for 4 hours! Really good, hey?



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