Pearl and Resin Table Makeover





Introduction: Pearl and Resin Table Makeover

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Upstyle a small table with pearl trim and resin for a chic home decor look!

Step 1: See How Easy It Is to Make Here!

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

Small round table

Enough pearl trim to cover the top

E-6000 Glue

Glaze Coat epoxy resin

Small torch

Masking tape

Optional: sander or sanding block

Step 3: Here's How

1. 2. & 3. Starting in the exact center of the table, glue beads in a spiral until you reach the outer edge

4. & 5. Create a rim/barrier edge around the table with two layers of masking tape

*Make sure it's snug to the table and that the tape is higher than the top of the pearls

6. Follow the instructions for mixing the Glaze Coat

7. & 8. Pour the glaze coat on the table top and evenly distribute it with a sponge brush

9. Pop the bubbles with a torch and let cure overnight *Make sure you cure your table in an unoccupied room free of dirt and dust

10. Remove the masking tape

11. If you need to, you can round the edge of the table with a sander

12. Glaze the rough sanded edges with another layer of Glaze Coat and let cure



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    Glad you like it. Just make sure your tape is snug around the parameter! Have a good one!

    Nice of you to day Kari! Thank you.