Step 4: Mount Bicycle to Pontoon Boat

Use bamboo supports to mount bicycle to pontoon boat
whaT IS THE MAKE AND MODEL OF YOUR tricycle thingy? <br>
HI Leon , This is just the thing Ihave been looking for . I want to adapt it to my 3 x 7 foot pvc raft. Instead of the prop Iwould like to use a pvc paddle wheel. Does anyone have a simple plan for that? thanks, tropidavo
Maybe you could try something like this: https://www.instructables.com/id/PVC-pipe-blades-and-rotor-for-HAWT-from-scrap/ <br> <br>or this: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-I-built-an-electricity-producing-wind-turbine/step2/Making-the-blades/ <br> <br>Just make the blades shorter. Hope that helps.
I'd try really hard to use the propeller over a paddle wheel. It is way more efficient.<br>
This looks great. Could we see the finished project please?
is this supposed to pull or push you thru the water ?. I hope you continue and take a lot more pics, Ive been considering something like this for a couple years now
Congrat! I was considering a similar design but decided it was too difficult. I've decided to try a paddle wheel system using a trike.
Very nice!<br>I have been struggling with this for a while and then put the project &quot;on hold&quot; (and continued with my other projects).<br><br>Can you tell what a weed eater is? I'm very interested. Secondly, I have a similar propellor lying around here and I always assumed that it wouldn't be strong enough. Are you using it without any glass fibre / epoxy coverage?
Weed Eater is a product trade name for a landscaping tool also called a string trimmer. They work by spinning a length of replaceable nylon &quot;string&quot; fast enough to cut grass and weeds, hence the name Weed Eater. They are used to get close to items in a lawn or in areas that are inaccessible to larger mowers like steep hills.
Thanks, I understand now.<br>
yes...it's a kayak...NOT a pontoon boat but...the foam boat's not done yet so I just put the pedal assembly on my kayak...as it says you can in the instructable...and there you go! Video soon!

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