Introduction: Pedal With 386 and 555

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List of Materials:
·      1 lm386
·      1 555 cone cups
·      1 battery case
·      2 jack 6.1 mm mono
·      1 cap 2.2 nF
·       1 cap electr. 10 MF
·      1 Pot 100K
·      1 Protoboard

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Step 1: Mounting

Picture of Mounting

1.   Put the CI in the Protoboard

Step 2: Wire Cut 1

Picture of Wire Cut 1

2. Cut  pieces of wire

Step 3: Wire Cut 2

Picture of Wire Cut 2

3. Peel the wire just enough to insert it into the tiny hole of the protoboard.

Step 4: Connections

Picture of Connections

4.  Connect  pin number 1 to pin number 5 of the Lm386

Step 5: Connections

Picture of Connections

5. Connect  pin number 2 to pin number 4 to the ground of  the Lm386

Step 6: Connections

Picture of Connections

6. Connect pin number 6 to pin number 4 to the positive Lm386

Step 7: Connections

Picture of Connections

7. Connect the + pin number 5 of the Lm386 to the number 5 of the 555

Step 8: Connections

Picture of Connections

8. Connect pin number 5 to number 7 of the 555

Step 9: Connections

Picture of Connections

9. Connect pin 6 of the 555 to the ceramic capacitor and connect to ground.

Step 10: Connections

Picture of Connections

10.  Connect pin number 7 of the 555 to the potentiometer and then from the potentiometer to +555

Step 11: Solder

Picture of Solder

11. Weld the audio jacks

Step 12: Connection

Picture of Connection

12. Connect pin number 4 to pin number 5 of the 555

Step 13: Connection

Picture of Connection

13. Connect pin number 1 of the 555 to ground

Step 14: Connection

Picture of Connection

14. Connect pin number 3 to + of the electrolytic capacitor of 10 uF

Step 15: Connection

Picture of Connection

15. Connect one jack to the negative of the 10 uF capacitor (is the amplifier exit) and the other cable connect it to ground.

Step 16: Connection

Picture of Connection

16.   Connect the other jack to pin number 3 of the Lm386 and the other cable connect it to ground.

Step 17: Connection

Picture of Connection

17. Connect the 9V battery and check


KyleR118 (author)2017-03-22

is there a video of this being used through a bass would like to know how it sounds thanks

gerardomaduro1 (author)2016-12-30

This is the best step by step Instructables here!! Thx soo much!!

AlbertoR2 (author)2014-10-14

very good project, good result, easy to make and economical, thanks for your contribution

mdog93 (author)2013-10-02

What type of pedal does this produce

tturner14 (author)2013-10-02

Wiring diagram? Instructions are good but wiring diagrams are easier to save!

i upload the driagram. :D

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