Pee Stool




Introduction: Pee Stool

So I come in from work and my grandson comes up and tells me that he used the potty today and he was a big boy with big boy underwear on (he was under 2 at the time). I give him a high five and tell him to make sure to always raise the lid, put the lid back down and to be careful of the lid because it will come crashing down on you if you aren't careful. I was interupted by my wife (grandson's Mimi) with her telling me that he doesn't have to worry about all that yet cause he sits down when he pee's. Confused, I looked down at him with a big smile on his face and simply said "we are men, we don't sit down to pee". I then, having not even sit down from coming in from my work day, turned and walked out the door to my garage and put this stool together so my grandson doesn't have to sit to pee ever again!



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