Peekaboo Sugar Eggs

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Traditionally given as Easter gifts, panorama or peekaboo sugar eggs are impressive and inexpensive to make. The primary building material is sugar and most of the specialized equipment can be swapped out for basic home tools. Time is what you'll invest the most in this project -- both for creating the eggs and for drying between steps.
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Step 1: Ingredients & Equipment

4 cups of granulated sugar
3/4 cup of powdered sugar
1 egg white
Food coloring (gel, paste, or liquid)

*This amount will make one six-inch egg, or two three-inch eggs.

Pocket or paring knife
Piping bag and tips or sandwich bags and scissors
Egg-shaped mold which opens horizontally

Note: Meringue powder can be substituted for the egg white. Use one tablespoon of meringue powder to two tablespoons of water; however, be very sparing as you add this mixture. It tends to be wetter than egg white and your sugar egg will take much longer to dry.

Step 2: Color the sugar

Moistening and coloring:

In a small bowl, mix the egg white with food coloring until the color is evenly distributed and the egg is frothy. Err on the darker side with your dye, because the color will become lighter when mixed with the granulated sugar.

Next, pour the egg white/color mixture into all four cups of granulated sugar with 3/4 cup of powdered sugar. Stir until all of the liquid is incorporated evenly. At first, it may seem that there's not enough liquid, but keep stirring and all of the sugar will be damp.

The mixture should be moist enough that you can squeeze it into a ball that holds it's shape, but very dry and sandy.
So cute. It looks great.
kathynv2 years ago
I use a lot of royal icing when I make gingerbread houses and I tell people that "everything in here can be eaten, but I wouldn't eat it unless I had no choice." It's not like the stuff is poisonous, but you're likely to need a dentist by the time you are through. My secret weapon for decorating edible things is a box of Teddy Grahams graham crackers. The little guys can be "dressed" with icing and posed in lots of little scenes. I made a winter scene with the little guys "sledding" on sticks of gum with one end of the stick curled up like a sled. I also made a swimming scene with the little guys using Life Savers as floaties. You can make tons of things with sheets of Fruit Roll Ups, like background and carpeting in the egg. They also mold into whatever you'd like. I try to make everything edible and not use toothpicks or other bits only because children get into whatever I create and I don't want to see the little guys hurt. Thank you so much for your wonderful directions, and I'll try to post a picture of my eggs when they're finished!
i bought the "Mars Fun Size Mix" eggs at Target, dumped out the candy for the baskets and used the egg for a mold
They're great because they stand up (flat on bottom) and the center is flat on one side so you can easily carve your 'window'! only $1.99
taragl (author)  lavendeldame3 years ago
Great find! And probably easily found in most areas -- nice work.
I live in the Jackson, TN area and have looked all over for the molds to make these. Any suggestions? Hobby Lobby and Michaels both did not have them. Thanks!!!
taragl (author)  GoblinKeeper3 years ago
I ordered mine online from for about $4 each. Their pages are in frames, so here's a link to the content of the sugar mold page:
Thank you so very much! My children are going to love these for Easter. The whole 'ible was wonderfully done and very informative every step of the way. You did a great job!
Amazing! These look great and there are so many possibilites for filling them.
phoshi3 years ago
These look amazing! I'm gonna try to make some for my family for easter. <3 dumb question though.. they're so pretty, can they really be eaten?
taragl (author)  phoshi3 years ago
All of the ingredients are edible and I've seen people eat them, but they are a little on the hard side. If you want to be cautious about the egg whites, you can use the meringue powder substitute.
anres3213 years ago
looks delicious !! 5*