Introduction: Peel a Banana

Another way to peel a Banana. Sorry if I stole the idea of someone else, but I tough it would be a good idea to post an alternative way. Not saying that this way is better, but it's a working way.


maxzzthepyro (author)2009-08-14

the correct way to peel a banana is from the bottom

ac1D (author)maxzzthepyro2009-08-15

This insructables, if you noticed, is not *the correct way to peel a banana". It's another way to peel a banana. Anyway, how would you know it's the correct way? the inventor of the banana, unfortually, did not let any information booklet or instruction paper.

frollard (author)2009-08-13

Definitely a neat trick! Good entry!

Emsaid (author)2009-08-13

once i tried this and i flung it to hard and the banana, unpeeled, flew across the room

ac1D (author)Emsaid2009-08-13

Lol, I need to try and acheive this.

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