Peel a Prickly Pear Like a Pro (pela Una Tuna)





Introduction: Peel a Prickly Pear Like a Pro (pela Una Tuna)

So i dont know you guys but i love prickly pears or tunas like we call 'em in Mexico, even more in summer as a cold treat.
I saw the other 2 tutorials to do this and well thats for kiddies (no offense).
I'll teach you how to peel them like my grandma taught me.
Its easy as pie just follow the pics
and remember use cold ones, they are less slippery
1 Cut top and bottom
2. Make an incition, just let your knife do the cut, the seeds will stop it to go further)
3 with your finger enter from the top corner and start going down
4. With an up and down movement start removing the skin, it will ceede by itself
5 you are done, and look, no spines



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    the ripe ones make great crunchy pie filling

    Sounds awesome - I'll try to find some at the local mercado. On a different subject...I was in San Antonio years ago and had candied pumpkin and yams at the Mexican market - dried with a very sugary coating - very much a sweet like candy. I tried several things at home to make this but with no success. Can you check with your mom and aunts to see if any of them know the secret to making this kind of confection?

    And thanks for this post - I've seen prickly pears but never attempted this, so I'm anxious to try!

    Sure ill ask or i can ask directly to the street sellers here and see if they can share the info.

    Great! Do you have some good recipes for prickly pear you can share too?

    And no, but ill try to get some, most of us eat the fruit just like that of course while its cold.
    But sure ill ask my mom and some of of her sisters and aunts to see what they can teach me.