Peel an Egg in 4 Seconds




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Introduction: Peel an Egg in 4 Seconds

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Don't waste valuable egg stuck to the shell... watch this quick video to learn how to peel an egg, perfectly, every time, in about 4 seconds. Here's the link:



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    Not news to a lot of us but it only works with some eggs. I do not know if its the freshness of the egg or the cooking. Maybe she should tell us about the eggs or how she cooks them for them all peal so easily.

    I learned this method 35 years ago!


    TYVM I luv it!

    my work requires that sometimes I have to peel a lot of eggs, takes me ages, not anymore, thank you so much. genius

    nope, this has never worked for me. I think it's dependant on the eggs you buy, how you cook them, and how you cool them down. I'm jealous really!