Picture of Peeling and Juicing Fresh Pomegranate
Ahh fall, a time of wondrous fruits and baking possibilities! I LOVE pomegranates especially, but I know many people are turned off by the work involved to get at the tasty, tasty arils inside the bitter skin.

Well, here is a method of peeling a pomegranate that eliminates almost all the mess, and a method of juicing them for use in recipes (or drinking straight, which is another tasty option!).
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
You will need (for peeling):

>   pomegranate(s)
>   a sharp knife
>   your largest mixing bowl
>   very cold water

You will need (for juicing):

>   a large zipper style plastic bag
>   your pomegranate arils
>   rolling pin or something heavy-ish
>   something to keep your bag from slipping as you smoosh it (optional but nice!)
>   a strainer of some sort
>   a small bowl to catch the juice

For both, it is handy to have a damp paper towel at the ready. Pomegranate goes from awesome to dang-it-a-stain very fast if you are not prepared!

Step 2: Slice and Score

Picture of Slice and Score
Using your sharp knife, slice the top portion off your pomegranate. You don't need to cut much (I could have gone shallower in my cut), but you do want to try to expose a bit of the arils.

Once you have the top off, score the sides 6-8 times from your cut around to the bottom. You don't need to go too deep.

Be sure to clean up any juice off your counter right away to avoid stains. If you get it on your clothes, I have had good luck soaking fabric in cold water and oxyclean per the package directions (got it off some white aida cloth I was embroidering on without running the color in my embroider floss ... though it is better to just not get it on your clothes if you can help it!)
rimar20002 years ago
Clever idea!
taransa (author)  rimar20002 years ago
Thank you! It is the culmination of a few years trial and error and input from friends :)