Ahh fall, a time of wondrous fruits and baking possibilities! I LOVE pomegranates especially, but I know many people are turned off by the work involved to get at the tasty, tasty arils inside the bitter skin.

Well, here is a method of peeling a pomegranate that eliminates almost all the mess, and a method of juicing them for use in recipes (or drinking straight, which is another tasty option!).

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need (for peeling):

>   pomegranate(s)
>   a sharp knife
>   your largest mixing bowl
>   very cold water

You will need (for juicing):

>   a large zipper style plastic bag
>   your pomegranate arils
>   rolling pin or something heavy-ish
>   something to keep your bag from slipping as you smoosh it (optional but nice!)
>   a strainer of some sort
>   a small bowl to catch the juice

For both, it is handy to have a damp paper towel at the ready. Pomegranate goes from awesome to dang-it-a-stain very fast if you are not prepared!
Clever idea!
Thank you! It is the culmination of a few years trial and error and input from friends :)

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