Peeling Apples - the Hacked Way





Introduction: Peeling Apples - the Hacked Way

About: I made a beer mug with only a knife & a hatchet. I think that says a lot about me.

If you don't need a drill, find a way to need it.

So I wondered if it was possible to ... peel an apple with it, for example. Why doing simple if it can be complicated?

And, is it possible?

Do you really think I'll write an I'ble if it wasn't?

Enjoy, and you'll get a famous dessert at the end!

- some apples
- drill
- flat drill bit
- potato peeler
- old bicycle pump (oh yes!)

Step 1: Preparing Drill

Fix the flat drill bit in the muzzle.
Kill the apple - downside works best.

Step 2: Peeling

Hold the apple against the table to get it stable.
Hold the peeler in a kind of correct position - you'll find out.

Power on! Ten seconds of fun and a lot of applespray all around.


Step 3: Removing Core

Dismatle an old bicycle pump - or try to find a pvc or alu tube.

Clean it, and use it as a 'core remover'.


Step 4: Autumn Apples

Here's a simple & delicious receipt to make so called 'autumn apples'.

Cover the drill-apple with pastry.
Fill the interior with sugar.
Close the hole.
Put into the fridge for 15 minutes - this will harden the pastry & prevent it falls down while cooking.
Preheat the oven.
Let it cook for about half an hour.





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    My grandmother used to have an all metal (except for a loose wooden sleeve handle) gizmo that used to clamp to the kitchen table like an old crank mincer and perform in a similar manner to your powered version.. You could use it to just peel spuds etc or peel and core apples. I used to love it and don't know what ever happened to it.

    6 replies

    Again, the ol' ones weren't stupid! If you ever find a picture of it, I'm interested!

    I think this might be the device

    and a video:

    Yes, that's very similar to my grandmother's! She had 2 attachments with hers - one just for peeling and one that also cored, like the one in this picture. It's a pity they don't still make these things - seriously, they worked every time, didn't take a lot of effort and lasted for ages. I still have my grandmother's hand mincer that she got as a wedding present in 1917 and it works like a charm. I wouldn't swap it for an elecric one if you paid me. It has three different sized plates so you can do a course, medium or fine mince and it's perfect every time.

    they do still make them, I don't know about the quality of them, but I came across one at walmart the other week.

    They do still make them! Lee Valley sells them. we have one and it works great! It is amazing for pies because it can spiral cut the apples as it cores them, so you don't even need to dice them afterwords.

    Thanx, never seen this before - quite a bit less 'rednecked' than my method!

    Cool idea! Now I have a reason to buy one of those expensive little tabletop lathes. "Here woman, let me show how a MAN peels an apple!"

    In fact, real men don't peel apples, they swallow them entirely, WITH the tree LOL

    More power tools deserve to be in the kitchen. Nice work. :)

    3 replies

    Agreeing with that! Ho comes up with the angle grinder?

    I must confess I have toasted buns with a heat gun once...

    You could use a lathe to peel carrots as a spade bit would split it in half

    Clever, creative, original. I like thinking that is outside the box. But possibly, just maybe there are people with way too much time on their hands. Thanks for sharing, but can't you come up with a method that does not require me to actually HOLD the potato peeler? Keep up the good work.

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    You see he made two apples, yeah? That is payment for his helper to hold the drill.

    I like that one! But in belgium we pay with beers!

    Well I assumed that those were already long gone. At least that is how they are with me.

    Thanx corvan. And, I'm workin' more than 10 hours a day doing a job that I love and still having a lot of spare time.
    Clamping the drill to the table or using powertape would solve the problem, enjoy!