Peeps melt and toast atop baking brownies and finally collapse into a flavor meltdown of apocalyptic proportions.  These brownies are a great way to use leftover Peeps.

I decided to make brownies for Easter dessert. As I mixed the batter, I started to think of how to make the brownies more festive. I have various kinds of sprinkles and was about to root through my baking things to decide which to use when my thoughts turned to those sugar-sprinkled staples of the American Easter basket: Peeps. I thought they would go well in the brownies.  I considered cutting the Peeps with kitchen shears and pushing pieces into the batter. However, when I asked my kids if they would donate their Peeps to the cause and my youngest suggested that I shove entire peeps into the batter.  I did and this is what happened.

Step 1: Prepping

You need:
Brownie mix prepared according to directions and poured into prepared pan*

*Make sure to grease everything well so the Peeps come off later.  I used my favorite divided brownie baking pan which is certainly not a requirement but kind of nice for determining optimum placement of peeps.

This is hysterical! I myself do not like peeps. But I am doing this. I have a creme brulee torch that I never used. I wonder if i could put them on the brownie while still hot then use the torch to melt them down a little so they maintain some shape.

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