Peeps Smores





Introduction: Peeps Smores

After Easter's come and gone, you might find yourself with a basket full of candy.  What to do with all that candy!   The obvious solution (besides eating it) is to make Peeps Smores. 
Peeps Smores (or PeepSmores) combines those chocolate bunny ears with the classic sugary goodness of Easter peeps.  While microwaving is the traditional method employed when cooking peeps (for obvious entertainment reasons), roasting them over the open flame of a gas stove provided a much more desirable flavor and consumable texture.   

Step 1: Collect Candy

Raid your sister's Easter basket, or head to the local Walgreens for 75% off Easter candy.

This recipe works with pretty much any kind of Peeps (yellow or pink, bunnies or chicks) and chocolate bunnies (peanut butter or caramel filled?  Even better).

You will also need to procure some graham crackers, though I bet vanilla wafers or even digestive biscuits would work as well!

Step 2: Behead Your Bunny

Prep your PeepSmores by breaking a graham cracker in half and snapping the ears and/or neck off of your chocolate bunny*.  
Gently place the head upon one half of your graham cracker.

*Tiny guillotine optional.

Step 3: Method 1: Nuke Your Peep

Microwaving Peeps is a rite of passage, and really one of the best things you can do with a Peep.   One minute is plenty.  Make sure you watch the magic as it happens.

Squish your exploded Peep between the bunny headed cracker and the other half of the graham cracker.

Consume immediately or your Peep will turn into some kind of unidentifiable plastic.  We could repair space shuttles with this material.

Step 4: Method 2: Roast Your Peep

For a truly tasty PeepSmore, opt for the open-flame roasting of your Peep.  It's pretty much just as fun to set your chick on fire as it is to watch it blow up in the microwave, but it smells and tastes way better.

Again, smish your Peep between the chocolate bunny headed cracker and the other half of the graham cracker.  You have a larger window of edibility here, so you might want to let it cool down a minute before digging in.   Added bonus: the bunny head gets nice and melty the longer you wait.

Happy Easter Candy Day!



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    LOL this is so sadistic.

    Very Funky..and i love Russell Stover Chocolates...They are just awesome

    If you soak your skewers in water first they won't catch on fire as easily. A fondue fork works well also.
    I do usually nuke the chocolate on top of the bottom graham cracker for a few seconds while roasting the marshmallow to get it started melting. I cannot wait to try this with peeps!

    We do this ALL the time! Peeps are the best smores marshmellows!

    That looks so good. It's wrong on just so many levels. But it looks so good.

    Yeah I microwave the chocoalte along with the bottom part of the graham cracker and the marshmellow on top... mmmm I have to get some peeps at Walmart now.

    Put your graham cracker, chocolate and peep in the microwave together and blast with radiation for the desired time(my nuker is usually good in 15-20 seconds), then smoosh with top graham cracker. Helps the chocolate along the melting process and the cracker doesn't get soggy.

    I want to see the tiny guillotine used!

    This is great!! I adore the idea of an Easter or post Easter Smore!

    Yeah! Ya beat me to it! You are pretty awesome! So deviant!