Step 2: The Set Up and Grid

In this step we will assign a grid to better explain how the steps follow. Since the triangle is equilateral it doesn't matter which corner is up, just point any corner up. The first row from the top is A, second is B, third is C, etc. The number corresponds to the peg from left to right. Look at the picture for reference. From now on, I will use the pegs "name" to give the directions.
I do E3 as the empty one in the beginning. Then I do: <br>E1 over E2 to E3. <br>E4 over E3 to E2.<br>C2 over D3 to E4. <br>E5 over E4 to E3.<br>D1 over D2 to D3. <br>E2 over E3 to E4. <br>E4 over D3 to C2.<br>B1 over C1 to D1. <br>B2 over C2 to D2. <br>D1 over D2 to D3. <br>D4 over C3 to B2.<br>A1 over B2 to C3.<br>C3 over D3 to E3.<br><br>I call it the &quot;Teepee strategy&quot; because in the beginning it looks like a teepee.
<p>Interesting. To download the rules to win requires me to jump through hoops and download a lot of crap on my computer. No thanks.</p>
I did it with one peg once.
I feel sorry for you, so I will comment out of pity. This instructable is great, but the picture at the end??? That's crazy (the one with the dog and the woman)
Yeah, just added that for fun. You are the first comment in 3395 views. My other instructables are better.
I like the one on how to ruin someones's day. Very clever
Thank you, scaled down senior prank.
comment for you.
What, no comments, almost 2000 views now.
300 views and still no comments.

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