In an ongoing effort to organize the tools on my pegboard, I wanted to add a pencil cup to hold writing utensils and other small tools. In this instructable I'll step you through how I took a plastic can and mounted it to my pegboard.

Step 1: Getting Started - What You'll Need

What you'll need:
- A cup or can of some kind. In my case, I used an empty can of cake frosting. The label came off easily with some goo-gone, and it's just the right size
- A "pliers hanger" pegboard hook
- Drill (choose a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of the pegboard hook wire)
- Pen/marker to mark holes
- Knife (optional)
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Thank you for the step by step !! Now I can repurpose dog food cans
Great idea! I used two individual hangers and it moves too much and doesn't sit vertical on my peg board. I'll have to find the kind of hanger you used.
This is a good idea. I might try a tin can or cup. If I mistreat it, it will not crack, but I can bend it back into shape. Thanks.
I take it you're inclined to throw things? ;-)
Definitely a good option. I happened to have the cake frosting jars left over from the kid's birthday cake-making, but a soup can or something like it would make a good durable alternative.
5 star idea! Good work!!!
I used a Clorox bleach wipe container.<br>
I keep all mine in a toolbox drawer, but this is an excellent idea nonetheless.
Good idea, I always lost writing elements in the workshop.

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