Picture of Pegboard Pencil Cup
In an ongoing effort to organize the tools on my pegboard, I wanted to add a pencil cup to hold writing utensils and other small tools. In this instructable I'll step you through how I took a plastic can and mounted it to my pegboard.

Step 1: Getting started - what you'll need

Picture of Getting started - what you'll need
What you'll need:
- A cup or can of some kind. In my case, I used an empty can of cake frosting. The label came off easily with some goo-gone, and it's just the right size
- A "pliers hanger" pegboard hook
- Drill (choose a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of the pegboard hook wire)
- Pen/marker to mark holes
- Knife (optional)
phazes2 years ago
Thank you for the step by step !! Now I can repurpose dog food cans
erich_8703 years ago
Great idea! I used two individual hangers and it moves too much and doesn't sit vertical on my peg board. I'll have to find the kind of hanger you used.
Phil B4 years ago
This is a good idea. I might try a tin can or cup. If I mistreat it, it will not crack, but I can bend it back into shape. Thanks.
bajablue Phil B4 years ago
I take it you're inclined to throw things? ;-)
b2ben (author)  Phil B4 years ago
Definitely a good option. I happened to have the cake frosting jars left over from the kid's birthday cake-making, but a soup can or something like it would make a good durable alternative.
bajablue4 years ago
5 star idea! Good work!!!
Eye Poker4 years ago
I used a Clorox bleach wipe container.
I keep all mine in a toolbox drawer, but this is an excellent idea nonetheless.
rimar20004 years ago
Good idea, I always lost writing elements in the workshop.