I know some people hate it, but I like pegboard a lot. It comes in different finishes, and materials, as well as 1/8" and 1/4" thicknesses. There are newer, more expensive track systems out there that are prettier to look at, but they will never match pegboard's ability to reconfigure your storage on the fly.
Pegboard Pencil Cup style
I really like the idea of making your own specialty pegboard items.
Chisel Quiver style
Great way to store chisels.
Compact Pegboard Tool Case style
A very nice, compact design with lots of usable space.
Precision Tool Hanger for Pegboard style
Admittedly, this one is mine.
Maximize your workbench style
Minimal use of pegboard, but a very neat and sturdy workbench.
Build a Peg Board Tool Cart (by Brad Justinen) style
I've seen this design a few times before, but always made out of wood. I like it so much better made of metal.
Better Handles for Hanging Your Files style
Anything that helps tools hang is a huge improvement.
Picture Frame Tool Pegboard style
Very nice! It almost looks like art.
iPad Optimized Kitchen Pegboard style
I often think it would be handy to have a computer in my workshop, but the sawdust would be a problem with anything requiring fans. This tablet could be just the thing.
Design for a tool crib caddie and catch all. style
Not exactly about pegboard, but it's amazing and the pictures have pegboard in them so it counts.
Workshop Mobile Storage Unit With Adjustable Shelving style
This is great! I could imagine a bunch of these lined up along a wall to make a modular shelving system.
Keeping Pegboard Hooks from Falling Out when Removing Tools  style
Great solution to the most common gripe people have with Pegboard.
kitchen pegboard organizer style
Pegboard in the Kitchen!
Easy Store Flipboard style
A great use of space and pegboard. It's like a binder for tools.