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I noticed that there were no instructables to do with Peggle, a game made and published by Popcap games. It is based on firing balls at coloured pegs and scoring points, but the main aim is described in step 1. There are currently 3 peggle games:
Peggle Extreme was a trial edition introduced by the popular game running software Steam, and was based on the half life series of games along with other valve games: team fortress 2, and portal. This only had 8 playable levels, only one playable character, and was therefore very limited, although the maps, being themed on valve ganes, didn't make it into the full first game explained below:
Peggle Deluxe was the first full peggle game to be released with over 50 playable levels and 10 unlockable characters. It also had a storyline in a way that you could enter adventure mode where you unlocked characters and levels. It had over 100 challenge levels to go through and had a versus mode where you could play against a computer or a friend.
Peggle Nights is the second and most recent installment of the peggle series. It featured the new character, marina and a new set of levels and challenges. It had all the features of peggle deluxe and also the aced score award where you got an ammount of points over a fixed value for each level. It also had a secret minigame where you have to click on the glowing light balls on the screen in pic 4 and score fairy points. This shows on the character stat screen.
Peggle Deluxe can be downloaded here
And Peggle Nights can be downloaded here
benjgvps6 years ago
Thanks for the tips. I have been playing this game for about 2 years and got many friends addicted to this. Many people walk by me in the cafeteria while I am killing time on my laptop and ask "What the hell are you playing, It looks like the most kiddy game I have ever seen". I then sit them down in front of the computer and I have an order in for a CD-R of the game.
The Jamalam (author)  benjgvps6 years ago
lol its fine, are you better at it?
ajleece6 years ago
never heard of it till now! looks good. do you have any knex projects coming up soon?
The Jamalam (author)  ajleece6 years ago
omg lol is all people care about in my instructables knex? lol on all my non knex ibles i have at least 1 comment saying any more knex stuff lol. And im making a tjsg and tjsr2 before my 224. guess what they are lol
umm... the jamalams ?????? gun , the jamalams sniper rifle 2 i'm just saying because i havent seen much from you lately. but i am hopefully going to have up a non knex ible up today
The Jamalam (author)  ajleece6 years ago
lol its kk im just letting out anger lol and tjsg is a shotgun