My country mild climate lets the sun to shine for the greatest part of the year, then tumble driers are not widely used and so we often use to drain clothes in the sun.

What to do when a sudden rainfall comes?

This project has been made for anyone drain clothes in the sun or, simply, needs an alert when it starts to rain.

"Peggy" project is a simple portable rain traker that uses a rain sensor, 433 Mhz transmitter-receiver modules and Arduino.

Step 1: How It Works

This prototype basically do this:

When rain sensor detect rain over a predefinied treshold level, transmitter module sends a continue RF signal. A listening receiver module detect this data, when sent, and activate acoustic and visual alarm till you stop it shutting down the system.

<p>add motor to rope... when it will be rainy motor will move rope with clothes from rain</p>
<p>I'm just thinking to move the rope with a drill motor</p>
<p>Wow.... Good thinking.... With most folk having cell phones... would it be hard to have the sensor send a TXT or a BlueTooth message to a cellphone...instead of the receiver module ??</p><p>Just thinking of reducing the carbon footprint ...</p>
<p>If you hook it up with http://home-assistant.io/ you can let it send a Telegram or Pushbullet or a like.</p>
<p>looks great. I am kinda intrigued by the metal contraption on yr shield whicj seems to be an antenna of some sort, but it is more than just a wire. Could you enligthen me?</p>
It's just the copper core of TV antenna coaxial cable.
<p>yes but i meant the metal contraption that holds that, that is attached to your pcb and has the antenna sticking out</p>
<p>ok, sorry for misunderstanding.</p><p>It's just a metal plate connected to GND. This hack is needed to increase the RX range. As you can see, the antenna is insulated from GND with plastic cable jacket scrap. The metal plate emulate the shielding adopted in the <a href="http://www.wave4u.org/it/risorse/download/technical-documentation/schematics/16-shield-demo-rr10-arduino-documentation/file.html">Arduino shield</a> from <a href="http://www.wave4u.org">Wave4you</a></p>
<p>ah ok. got it tnx.looks very impressive :-)</p>
<p>You are right!</p><p>i'm working on Peggy 2.0</p>
<p>Pretty cool set up.</p><p>How about setting it so that instead of an alarm, it reels in the clothes line to get the drying clothes under cover. You'd have to modify your clothes line to terminate under cover and be on a pulley system.</p>

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