Peking Chicken (Cheaper version of Peaking duck)

Picture of Peking Chicken (Cheaper version of Peaking duck)

To be honest one of my favorite parts of a Chinese takeaway is getting the peaking duck and being left to my own devices turning it into delicious  little wraps with julienned cucumber and spring onions, topped of course with that sickely sweet sauce, which you know is terrible for you and has nothing really to do with Chinese cuisine, Meh it does matter it tastes soo good! So naturally it occurred to me that i should remake it by my self with similar ingredients but for meh fractions of the price, it turned out perfectly.  

Fair warning now this is not a quick process and will take up a significant part of the day
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Step 1: Preparing the Duck (Chicken in this case)

Picture of preparing the Duck (Chicken in this case)
peking chicken 128.JPG
peking chicken 123.JPG
I would suggest that you start with this as it is going to take a significant proportion of your time to finish and yet longer still once you have managed to get in to the oven. 

1 whole Chicken
2 litres boiling water
5 tbsp clear honey
2 tbsp dark soy sauce
4 tbsp chinese five spice
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 1/2 tbsp sesame seed oil
1 tbsp sesame seeds

Step 2: Preparing the Glaze

Picture of Preparing the Glaze
peking chicken 150.JPG
peking chicken 155.JPG
peking chicken 157.JPG
peking chicken 165.JPG
peking chicken 172.JPG
peking chicken 174.JPG
Picture 1. add honey to a large mixing bowl

Picture 2. Add so sauce to the glaze

Picture 3. Add sesame seed oil 

Picture 4. Now add the Chinese 5 spice to the glaze

Picture 5. Put the brown sugar in the mixture

Picture 6. Finally add the sesame seeds

Picture 7 thoroughly stir though 
dmott11 year ago

can you use this same recipe but with duck instead?

nic nak1 year ago
Looks delicious. I made Chinese pancakes for the first time last week. I made them the same way, rolled them as thin as I could, then cooked them in a dry pan without oil for a few seconds each side, and without colour. Once I'd made the full stack, I then steamed them a few at a time until they were warm and soft. Makes for a more authentic finish to the pancake.
FJYE (author)  nic nak1 year ago

that is actually perfect i'm annoyed at my self that i didn't do it when i made these -_-

it looks quietly delicious!!!