Picture of Pen Airsoft Gun
My first Instructable. Make a fully functional air soft pen gun for cheap.


Pen w/ spring
A Thin Marker (optional)
Thumb Tack (not the flat kind)
Tape (preferably Duct Tape) or Hot Glue
Sharpie or Fat Marker
Sisors (sorry if I cant spell)
Ammo (airsoft BB's, tick-tacks, popcorn kernels)

Step 1: Prepping the Pen/Marker

Picture of Prepping the Pen/Marker
Take the spring out of the pen.

Cut the marker, or pen so the top is about 2 1/2''
(compared to full sized pencil in picture)

Cut the Marker/Pen as seen in picture. (Apparently the camera did not shoot, so cut where the red sharpie is assuming the cap/button is where the orange thing is.
(I used a pocket knife) (this step is easier with a cheaper pen)

Step 2: Shooting Mechanism

Picture of Shooting Mechanism
cannon 944.JPG
-Its time to heat up the hot glue gun-

Put a little hot glue in the end of your marker/pen

Now push the spring in and let the glue dry.

-While we let the glue dry we will work on our pullback mechanism-

I used a cheapo- marker cap, but see the picture to see what the pen comes with that will work.

Here is where the tack, and toothpick come in. (see picture for finished shooting mechanism)

Slide the shooting mechanism in through the open end of the marker.

Step 3: Add the Barrel

Picture of Add the Barrel
Now its time to add the barrel (Sharpie or fat marker) (I used a fat marker)

Cut it down to size, however long, longer barrel, higher accuracy...

Attach it. Either use the hot glue gun, or tape. 

*If you use hot glue make sure that it does not effect the pullback mechanism. Otherwise it will not shoot.*

Step 4: Test It Out

Picture of Test It Out
Have fun. Lock and load. This is a quick and easy weapon that you can take anywhere. Add extra features. I added an ammo case on my pen, and on my marker, I added a piece of nerf dart.

Warwolf 19 months ago
No offence, but could you make another instructable on this and not on a keyboard. And make it a bit clearer please.
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paytonh142 years ago
Real fun
mr.pizza3 years ago
i made a pencil lead mechanical pencil shotgun
it was awsome
dojoboy13 years ago
dat cool man
im guna have to try this thanks for the instructable!