This is a pen case.

It's made from MDF.

Step 1: Measurement

To measure length of pen.

Step 2: Make Out Dates

To make out dates for Illustrator.

Step 3: Cut

Dates cut using laser cutter.

Step 4: Pasting

Paste cutting felt dates on MDF.

Step 5: Put Together

Put dates together.

This work use for bond.

Step 6: Finished Goods

Put all dates together.

Then it's a finished goods

<p>This is great looking case,. I have an <br>artist friend I'd love to make one for, could you post the cutting <br>files? I'd love to try making it at my local TechShop. Also, why does this look EXACTLY like two other Instructables already posted on the site?</p><p>Thank you.</p>
Thank you seeing.<br>This case made to study using laser carter.Therefore, the person who made original date is my teacher. So I answer cutting files after asking him.<br>Instructables already posted on the site is the person who learns together 's work. So, there is similar works in Instructables.
<p>Thank you.</p>
Thank you seeing.<br>This is not plagiarism. This original date is my teacher's date. I learn it from him. So, in Istructables exciting a lot of work of friends learning together.
I love this
Thank you:)
<p>This looks great.</p>
Thank you :)

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