Pen Case





Introduction: Pen Case

This is a pen case.

It's made from MDF.

Step 1: Measurement

To measure length of pen.

Step 2: Make Out Dates

To make out dates for Illustrator.

Step 3: Cut

Dates cut using laser cutter.

Step 4: Pasting

Paste cutting felt dates on MDF.

Step 5: Put Together

Put dates together.

This work use for bond.

Step 6: Finished Goods

Put all dates together.

Then it's a finished goods



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    9 Discussions

    This is great looking case,. I have an
    artist friend I'd love to make one for, could you post the cutting
    files? I'd love to try making it at my local TechShop. Also, why does this look EXACTLY like two other Instructables already posted on the site?

    Thank you.

    2 replies

    Thank you seeing.
    This case made to study using laser carter.Therefore, the person who made original date is my teacher. So I answer cutting files after asking him.
    Instructables already posted on the site is the person who learns together 's work. So, there is similar works in Instructables.


    1 reply

    Thank you seeing.
    This is not plagiarism. This original date is my teacher's date. I learn it from him. So, in Istructables exciting a lot of work of friends learning together.