Introduction: Pen Gun!!!

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Turn a normal pen into a pens gun. In this instruct able I will teach you to switch around some inner parts to make a powerful pen from a gun.

Step 1: Disassemble the Pen

Picture of Disassemble the Pen

Step 2: Remove the Clicker

Picture of Remove the Clicker

Step 3: Reassemble... Backwards?

Picture of Reassemble... Backwards?

Step 4: Add the Cap Aka the Bullet

Picture of Add the Cap Aka the Bullet

Step 5: Screw on

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Screww on the cap only a little bit. The more you screw on equals the more powerful it is but the harder it is to shoot.

Step 6: Shoot

Picture of Shoot

Click the pen for it to shoot!!!


goblinstickz15 (author)2016-10-28


inoname (author)2014-06-16

is a good one but not fires to far check out mine at fires ink cartrages up to 80 feats

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