Pen Gun


Introduction: Pen Gun

About: Hi my name is donovan. Please folow. And im 14

I built a pen gun that shoots right when you push the clicker thing.

Step 1: Materials

You will need a
click pen with spring and the clicker things, doesn't matter what kind,
and keep the top so you can make it not noticeable
and the ink so you can push it into place to o shoot.

Step 2: Getting Together

Push it in in the order that the picture shows.

Step 3: Reloading and Shooting.

To start you need to put together the the things in the end of pen to shoot. To shoot push the click. Have fun.



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    I can't see the order of the pen stuff.

    pretty good! I damn near took my own eye out with this bloody thing. might want to make a note that after 20 or so shots the spring will start to stick and it will have a delayed fire.

    Its good one but not fires to long check out mine at It fires up to 80 feats and shoots ink cartrages

    it shoots the thing that comes after the clicker