Pen Gun





Introduction: Pen Gun

This Instructable will show you how to make a pen gun that is extremely simple it took me 2 minutes to make it also looks purity realistic

Step 1: What You Will Need

what you will need is
a knife
and a pen

Step 2: Building

First take the guts out of the pen but don't throw them away then take you're knife and cut about 4mm away from the pen enough to slip the ink thing through the bottom.

Step 3: Building

Now take the spring from the ink thing and put the spring on the other side of the ink thing now slip it down through the top of the pen and through the hole you cut now pull back on the ink thingy and release the ink thingy and should go flying.

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I am going to make one of these. it is so simple to make but yet so cool. great job!

Iit is a good one but not fires to far check out mine at It fires up to 80 feats.

nice mate (a true spy)

 2 "mints"???????

 its ok  simple mitake (oops, like that)*   

                   *should be mistake.

just tried it, similar to the chapGun, but the chapgun didnt leave a HOLE IN MY WALL!!!!!

 That means that you made it right.