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Step 1: Make the Bottom

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To make the bottom of your pen holder, take a pen and wrap a piece of duct tape of any color sticky side to sticky side. Then wrap a color of choice sticky side to sticky side, but the color showing.

Step 2: Make the Top

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To make a top for your pen holder, just do what you did for the bottom. When doing this make the top shorter.

Step 3: Clean Up

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After you finish making the top and bottom, clean up around your edges. Cut a straight line on the top and bottom of your pieces, and tap the bottom ends n both pieces. If the top doesn't fit onto the bottom, cut a slot in the bottom and slid one half of the slit onto the other half, and tape.

Step 4: Finish!

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Once you have everything done, and every little detail to your desire, put that pen in your pen holder!


BMR11100 (author)2013-07-22

Looks like a duck tape cigarete

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