Introduction: The Awesomest Pen Launcher

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Awesomest pen launcher!
Do not launch at annoying siblings!


Step 1: Step #1 Materials

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You should have these items lying around the house.


Pocket knife (optional)

Step 2: Step #2 Disember the Pen

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Take apart your pen.( Here the pocket knife would help to pry things out.) 

Step 3: Step #3 Attach the Balloon the Pen

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Take your balloon and put it over the emty shell of the pen so that the bottom of the pen is touching the bottom of the balloon and that the lip of the balloon is almost at the top of the balloon. The balloon should stretch a bit.
Wrap tape around the neck of the balloon taping the balloon to the pen so that there is MANY layers of tape. Make sure it is tight.

Step 4: Step #4 Launching Time

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Take the part of the pen that holds the ink and stick it down the barrel of the pen launcher so that the back of it is at the bottom of the balloon. Then pinch the balloon and the back of the projectile and pull back, then let go!

 I make a target, and launch the projectile at it.

REALLY helpful hint:
When you pull back the projectile and balloon to launch it, when you reach your point where you want to let go, move the balloon back and fourth quickly so you make sure that the tip of the projectile is in the emty shell of the pen.

                                                                   Enjoy! : )

                                                     ( Do not shoot at annoying siblings.)


bwells2 (author)2011-07-04

How far does it shoot?

redlizard5 (author)2011-02-11

pretty cool duct tape would work better though

chamster (author)redlizard52011-03-29

Yeah. The reason i put so much tape was because the tape that i used isn't as good as duct tape

chamster (author)2011-01-06

Does anybody mind if they add a comment? i had this posted up for months and nobody has added a comment

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