Pen Loom Band Holder Enforcer


Introduction: Pen Loom Band Holder Enforcer

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a Pen Holder Enforcer made of loom bands. They are very useful because they help to keep the pencil in your hand instead of it slipping out of your hand.

Step 1: Get Your Loom Out

Get your loom out and take out the middle lain of the loom. Make sure the lanes are facing the same way as mine (look at the picture).

Step 2: Starting You Pattern

Start from one peg and make a triangle like I did in the picture. You are going to follow this pattern later.

Step 3: Follow the Pattern

Keep doing this pattern until you have three on each peg.

Step 4: Three on Each Peg

Once you have done that pattern on each peg three times see the video to show you how to proceed.

Step 5: Keep Doing It

Now keep doing that pattern until you are happy with the length of your grip.

Step 6: How to Round Off

when you are happy with your length of grip look at the video to see how to finish it so that it doesn't snap.



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    My friends' daughter really loved these :)