I'm going to show you very simple pen prank...ideal for the office, school or just to annoy your family.

Step 1: Preparation

You need:

 - a pen with a spring which can be open
 - a piece of paper

Well done :)
Thanks :)<br />
tee hee. that is a funny joke. here is a lame drawing showing what sometimes happens.
darn. the pic doesnt load.
You welcome :)<br /> <br /> I'll let you know how it works ;)
Ha. I just thought of this during school today, and just saw the ible now. I almost did it to one of my friends... but she doesn't take jokes well... :(<br /> Prankative (is that a word?) minds think alike, eh?<br />
Nice, simple little prank. Sounds like something I'd use in someone's office... &quot;Gah, don't any pens work in this @#$%ing place?!&quot; And it's pretty safe too, provided that someone doesn't throw out all those pens... good job!<br />
Thank you...glad you like it!<br />

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