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Do you have a pen that you do not use anymore? Has the ink dried out? Have you found a new pen, and this one is your ex-pen? Do people like to steal your money?

Well this Instructable is right for you! This instructable is a pen safe. It is the epiphany on the "use it again" campaign. No need to throw it out. Put money in it!

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Step 1: Items You Need

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What do I need?

(1) Pen you do not need anymore
(1) Dollar bill, or paper money you wish to hide from your enemies.

Thata about it!

Step 2: Remove Ink From Old Pen

I do not think I need a picture for this because ti is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 1 Remove the ink cartridge from the pen you wish to hide the money in. Throw it away, keep it for another pen, or feed it to your fish. Your choice. (I do not reccommend the third choice.)

Step 3: Folding the Money

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The first time I did this, I could not fit the money in all the way in the pen, so I improvised.

Step 2 Fold the money as much as you can so that it will (1) Fit in the pen width wise, and (2) fit in the pen lengtth wise.

Below is a picture of how I folded my 5 dollar bill.

Step 4: Fitting It In

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This part is a little bit tricky as it might take all of 15 seconds.

Step 4 Slide the folded money into the pen as carefully as possible, making sure that you do not bend the money.

Step 5 Now you must screw the cap;top;cover, whatever you call it, on to the rest of the pen. DO NOT worry if the money slides too far back that you cannot reach it. Take the cap off and puch the clicking part of the pen all the way down until the money pops out.

Good Luck, thank you, and keep your money safe.


CSI worker (author)2013-07-20


blodefood (author)2012-02-19

Useful to a point. Now can you make an ible on how to stop people from stealing your pens?

armorwaxer (author)2007-09-24

we used to hide notes like that but then our teacher found one... and for some strange reason didnt care so we pass note normal in homeroom but in all other classes we found cool ways to do it, i made one when you click it a note comes out,tell if you like the idea i might post an instucktable(i cant spell)

Brennn10 (author)armorwaxer2007-09-24

Thats an awesome idea, definitely post it!

armorwaxer (author)Brennn102007-09-25

hey i cant seam to find the right kind right this muinute but i have one in my locker so i will post in 3 days to a week!

Guard13007 (author)armorwaxer2010-11-29

How's the Instructable coming?

Saturn V (author)armorwaxer2010-08-04

3 days to a week?, more loke three years to a decade. You haven't made it, and it's been three years!!!

acdc1226 (author)armorwaxer2009-07-08

what do you call it??

allenmt (author)armorwaxer2009-12-27

 post it dude that seems awsome

acdc1226 (author)armorwaxer2009-07-08

i like the idea

shockwave603 (author)armorwaxer2008-10-13

can you make the instructable on how to make notes come out of the pen when you click it?

OrtBoy (author)armorwaxer2008-05-13

That sounds awesome

w00ty32 (author)armorwaxer2007-11-19

awsome post it dude!

woodstockbirdy (author)2010-07-18

Cool design just like mine except my will still write like a regular pen. Check it out!!

chuck_29 (author)2010-03-10

what if it gets thrown away?

PetervG (author)2007-03-14

But then if it's a pen, people won't care much about it and it might get thrown out!

chooseausername (author)PetervG2007-03-15

Maybe, if you use a slightly more beautifull pen, they wont throw it ... more even if it's wrote "your Alison, with love" or something ... The pen does not work, it's beautifull but not precious, and it's sentimental. So, that should not go to the recycle bin ...

acdc1226 (author)chooseausername2009-07-08

good idea!

acdc1226 (author)2009-07-07

dude how did you fold the money?

Brennn10 (author)acdc12262009-07-07

I folded it in half a couple times and then rolled it up.

acdc1226 (author)Brennn102009-07-08


Brennn10 (author)2008-05-13

If you have got nothing polite to say, don't say it at all.

ReCreate (author)Brennn102009-06-05


RedFlash (author)ReCreate2009-06-20

hahahahaha lol

ReCreate (author)RedFlash2009-06-20


HardCoreHacker (author)2008-02-27

what if it wont come out

ReCreate (author)HardCoreHacker2009-06-05

someone will get frustrated.

Sunbanks (author)2007-08-12

People steal my pens :( If I put my money in lots of pens and put them in a cup I could keep it safe from burgalers

Sunbanks (author)Sunbanks2008-05-25

It's so weird to re-read posts I made a long time ago... I spelled "burglars" wrong...

hcold (author)2007-11-30

It's not really that necessary to take out the ink-bit if you are putting in paper or money is it? Just roll it around, and your hiding place won't be so suspicious because you'll have a pen that works. I've always had one problem with the hidden in plain sight idea, which is that someone might just pick it up and you wouldn't realize, or you threw it out because you didn't remember etc.

pocketwatch (author)2007-11-15

That is a good idea for stuff you only need for a bit, like notes, but I have lost hundreds more pens than I have lost dollar bills so not the best plan for me.

HurdyGurdyMan (author)2007-06-10

I still do this, but I never used a clicky top. Those bic pens will always work and you can take them apart easily. You could hide anything from money, notes, cheat sheets, ect.

sumplesnoob (author)2007-03-24

Great idea, but apparently one of my friends needed to borrow a pen. After asking the next day were my pen was he said, "it didnt work so I threw it away."

Brennn10 (author)sumplesnoob2007-03-25

Now, if you knew the pen didn't work and had money in it, why did you give it to your friend?

sumplesnoob (author)Brennn102007-03-25

I din't give it to my friend, we kind of borrow each others stuff without actually asking. I've known him since fourth grade so it's usualy not a problem... it was my mistake though.

IlluminatedAntichrist (author)2007-03-15

LOL- People in my class used to do somthing simmilar. We would take those clear thick ones, take a peice of paper and write the answers for an up coming test. While you were writing, you could see the answers on the pen!

also those pens that you clike and the say something could work well

you could also hide the answers into your brain ... unless you're afraid to forget where you hidden them ... ;-)

ninjaman (author)chooseausername2007-03-16

nice... one thing I would do is wrap a piece of paper around the ink cartridge of a similar pen. You write a message on the paper, and you still have a usable pen! Just a thought...


extratooth2 (author)2007-03-16

just don't lose the pen

Brennn10 (author)extratooth22007-03-17

AMEN! Finally, some person here has a brain!

cflowers (author)2007-03-16

Interesting instructable. I featured this on The Daily Hack's "smash or trash" vote. Keep on hacking.
C. Flowers
The Daily Hack

Brennn10 (author)cflowers2007-03-16

Awesome! Thanks alot!

Brennn10 (author)2007-03-15

Well Sooooooory.

jessyratfink (author)2007-03-15

Haha, how random! Everyone else seems worried about someone else throwing the pen out. I'd be more worried about losing it myself. But this could be useful if I kept it somewhere safe like my jewelry box. :P

!Andrew_Modder! (author)2007-03-15

Bad!! no work. some1 might look 4 a pen and see it dont work and open it up. or throw it away. OR i am one of thos people who would steal a pen... lol ... ( i dont really steal but LAHH)

Weissensteinburg (author)2007-03-14

just flag it...that's what I did.

HamO (author)2007-03-14

I get put something valuable in a disposable pen that's out of ink which someone might pick up to use. They discover it's no good so they dispose of it with your valuables. Otherwise well done, nice pics and a little heavy on the humor.

Brennn10 (author)HamO2007-03-14

That is why you do not give away this pen. It is a safe, where nobody can find it.

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