Introduction: Pen Shocker

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A simple portable pen shocker

Step 1: Get a Lighter Starter

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Find a big charcoal lighter and steal the igniter.

Step 2: Find a Pen or Body

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We used an old laser pointer case. It was slim and fit perfect for this project.

Step 3: Make It Fit

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Drill a hole in the cap to fit the button. Then hot glue a big layer in the tube and squeeze the igniter in.

Step 4: Add Longer Wires

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Add longer wires and place through the laser pointer's holes.

Step 5: Your Done

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Go out and shock your friends!


McClay14 (author)2014-05-15

Lighter shockers don't hurt very much at all, or at least as much as a real shock pen. Good idea though

kolob117 (author)McClay142015-12-07

yo very bad could not shock someone

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