Pen Spinning: Thumbaround





Introduction: Pen Spinning: Thumbaround

Ever see that kid in class effortlessly twirl a pen around his finger to have you try to just fail miserably? It is actually quite easy and you can learn how to do this trick in a few hours of practice.

Step 1: The Push

What you will need:

1 Pencil
The time and patience to learn.

Hold the pen like pictured in the image so that the index middle and thumb is in a triangle while you hold the pen between your index and thumb.

Take your index and release it from holding while you push with your middle finger remembering to keep your thumb straight.

Step 2: The Catch

If step 1 was done correctly the pen should have done a 360 degree turn around your thumb as if it was magically glued but how do you catch it?

As it comes around from the intial spin back to where you started just take your index finger and try and catch the pen in the same place you started from.

If you require more help or wish to further learning more tricks ( yes there are more =P) go to and register on the forums.
Video of the trick



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    Don't forget about all the other tricks like Sonics, thumb spins, thumb/finger arounds, Shadows, twisted sonics.

    Take a look at

    Do you know how to twirl it around all fingers, because most of the time i see them twirl it around all fingers. I dont mean that i dont know how to do it but, i think you could make a good instructable on keeping i twirling with all but you thumb. I cant make one like this, because it would need none computer generated images, and i dont have the right plugs for a camera, i tried it in all of them, but it doesnt fit.

    1 reply

    I can twirl it around my fingers, thumb, wrist, arm, AND LEG!

    I learned this in a half hour!!!

    I'd have to say, the video helped a ton. I was slightly confused until I watched that. Now I just have to practice catching it. XD


    I'm having trouble catching it. Any advice?

    I am [mumble] years old and I still can't do the pen spinning thing. I've tried a few times, to no avail. This looks like it's going to help me get it, finally. But we'll see. hehe! Thanks very much! By the way, is it too weird for me to say that you have a lovely hand? :)

    1 reply

    lol thats an odd thing to say....... but okay.... lol

    Aww man, you rule! I've been trying to do this in the wrong direction for years... Ten minutes after reading this I can catch it =D +1

    This took me all of drivers ed class to learn, a few hours might be a bit on the short side.

    Is That a rsvp mx? :D
    Nice Tutorial
    i just made one to...urs better xD