Step 2: The Body and Bow

1. Take one of your pens and cut off about an inch and a half. Tape whats left parallel to the pencil, leaving about 1/2in. to 1in. past the end of the pencil.
2. Take your second pen and cut 2 small holes about 1cm from each end. Make the holes just big enough to thread your rubberband through them.
3. Slide one end of the rubberband through a hole, pull it through enough to tie it twice about 2cm from the end. Then do the same for the other side.
&nbsp;i made this in science class :) but got in trouble when it stuck into the projector screen :D
If someone sees you, yust blind him with this...&gt;:D
yeah this thing has gotten me in a lot of trouble but its to much fun to not play with it :D<br />

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