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Introduction: Pen Gun

Here is a really simple pen gun than is quite powerful and has a range of 20+ feet. I finnaly got around to making this instructable so I hope its alright

Step 1: What You Will Need.

you will need, Bic roundstick pen
2.sand paper
3.very small nail
4.lighter, candle or small drill bit(same size as nail) and drill
5.Plastic report clip.(peice of plastic that clips onto papers to hold them together but you can use about anything that can fit in the pen, blocks part of it off and can be cut to size)
6.Retractable Sharpie. (we need the spring from it)

Step 2: Ready the Pen

Remove tip and ink tube.

Step 3: Remove the Ink Tube

Remove the ink tube

Step 4: Sand the Tip.

sand the tip of the pen so it can slide out of the pen tube easily.

Step 5: Savage the Sharpie

Take apart the sharpie and remove the very large spring that fits perfectly in the pen tube.

Step 6: Ready the Spring

put a small piece of tape on the sping so it doesn't fly out when fired.

Step 7: Fire! Fire! Yea! Yea!

use a candle or lighter to heat up the nail.

Step 8: Make a Hole

make a hole through the pen tube and cap with the hot nail. (here is where you can also use a small drill bit.)

Step 9: Make Spacer

cut your material (peice of binder clip, plastic etc.) so it is to size so it leaves room for the tip and fully compressed spring

Step 10: Aim and Fire

to load the gun just put the spring in the pen and jam the tip on the sping and insert the nail to lock it in place. to fire just aim and pull the pin



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    It is good but only fires up to 20 feats check mine it fires up to 80 feats at

     After a few weeks of refining our design in our spare time, my friend and I made one that shoots 120ft and fired a sharpened knex piece out of the pen casing. It shot through quite a few pieces of cardboard. We used 4 rubberbands as a membrane.


    do you put the spring in first or do you put the pencil in first

    I made on of these once... the only difference with mine is instead of shooting pens i just fired the ink tube. Also, i used a rubber band instead of the spring.


    you suck rubberbands are horible

    oh but holes are advanced technology without them how would we breath

    tubes, maybe? holes aren't advanced at all though, cavemen had 'em

    but think without them we couldnt live like a door a one way valve speaker gaurd