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Here is a really simple pen gun than is quite powerful and has a range of 20+ feet. I finnaly got around to making this instructable so I hope its alright

Step 1: What you will need.

Picture of What you will need.
you will need,

1.cheap Bic roundstick pen
2.sand paper
3.very small nail
4.lighter, candle or small drill bit(same size as nail) and drill
5.Plastic report clip.(peice of plastic that clips onto papers to hold them together but you can use about anything that can fit in the pen, blocks part of it off and can be cut to size)
6.Retractable Sharpie. (we need the spring from it)
inoname1 year ago

It is good but only fires up to 20 feats check mine it fires up to 80 feats at


 After a few weeks of refining our design in our spare time, my friend and I made one that shoots 120ft and fired a sharpened knex piece out of the pen casing. It shot through quite a few pieces of cardboard. We used 4 rubberbands as a membrane.
 Hey! Make an instructable on that!
mo56 years ago
do you put the spring in first or do you put the pencil in first
I made on of these once... the only difference with mine is instead of shooting pens i just fired the ink tube. Also, i used a rubber band instead of the spring.
you suck rubberbands are horible
badhacker7 years ago
looks kinda complicated for a pen gun but it so cool when it shoots!
bigboom8 years ago
pyro22 (author) 8 years ago
:-) yea I know. I have a dog and cat who were shedding at the time and we hadnt vaccumed for a couple days.
omg ur floor is so dirty in this pic
tzual8 years ago
and.... do you put the yellow thing inside the pen and push it against the spring?
pyro22 (author)  tzual8 years ago
yes. The yellow thing is a spacer for the spring
tzual8 years ago
can i just use any other spring like those small ones?
I've noticed many videos have TV or Radio in background (just saying)
A little more complex than some designs but this might be more powerful than some.
pyro22 (author) 8 years ago
Also to clear it up i might be making a how-to video soon.
pyro22 (author) 8 years ago
sorry, I know it slightly confusing, but the last steps where hard to desribe. if you have any questions on it just ask.