Introduction: Pen/Pencil Holder From Old DVD/CDs

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A quick Instructable that utilizes old DVDs and CDs.


  1. Duct tape
  2. Stack of old DVDs and CDs
  3. Pen or pencil.

Step 1: Get Stack of Old DVDs and CDs

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  1. Get a stack of old DVDs and CDs; maybe about 30-40.
  2. While stacked, flip over and duct tape the hole in the bottom.

Step 2: Tape Stack Together

Picture of Tape Stack Together
  1. Flip the stack back over and insert the pen in the hole down the middle to stabilize it.
  2. Using the duct tape, cut 2 pieces to tape down the stack securely on 2 opposite sides.
  3. Be sure the tape extends underneath the stack as well as on top.

Step 3: Tape Down 2 Additional Sides

Picture of Tape Down 2 Additional Sides

  1. Now tape down 2 additional sides, once again ensuring that the duct tape extends underneath.
  2. Remove the stabilizing pen.
  3. Put in the pen or pencil that you would like to keep in the holder.
  4. In this case, I am putting my Home Depot carpenter's pencil in it on my workbench.


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