Pen With Light


Introduction: Pen With Light

I am not a writer but sometimes when everybody is sleeping Some ideas come to my mind and to avoid disturbance in the room for my better half lol... I am unable to switch the light on to write something, so as you know necessity is the mother of invention, I thought of a pen having a light so that only my notebook is surrounded by the light.

Step 1: Things You Need.

  1. A Pen
  2. A Protector
  3. A Torch
  4. Plastic Tape

Step 2: Combine Pen and Protector Like the Image Below.

Step 3: Now Add the Torch With Tape

Step 4: Here It Is the Final Product

Now you can write in the dark room or if you are on adventure or on the terrace enjoying the moonlight and want to write or draw something this pen will help you if you make one like this. I hope you will like this.



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    Looks a little awkward . . . but clearly your penmanship is remarkable despite the weight of the light. Nice!

    1 reply

    haha Thanks for your comment