Introduction: Pen/Pencil Holder Made From Craft Sticks

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A simple box for pens and pencils make from craft sicks.
1.  Glue
2.  Craft sticks

Step 1: Start the Base

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1.  Place about 10 or 11 sticks flat down on your work surface.
2.  The number should be the length of one stick.

Step 2: Attach Crosspieces

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1.  Glue 2 crossbars to attach the base sticks together.

Step 3: Connect Crosspieces

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1.  Glue crossbars together in same direction as base sticks.

Step 4: Continue Connecting

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1.  Continue gluing crosspieces to slowly build up the walls of the box.
2.  You may want to wait for a few sticks to dry before attaching the next ones.
3.  Take your time to make sure the walls are as straight as possible.

Step 5: Finish the Walls

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1.  Finish the walls.  Generally 3 inches should be workable, but make them as high or low as you like.
2.  Once you hit the desired height, glue 3 crosspieces about an inch apart.  These will help keep the pens and pencils stand a little higher when they are placed in the cup.

Step 6: Glue Final Crosspieces

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1.  Glue 3 additional pieces, crossing the other 3 that were just glued, once again, about 3 inches apart.

Step 7:

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1.  After everything has dried, turn the box on its side.
2.  Put additional glue on the corner columns to increase their strength.
3.  Repeat with the additional 3 sides to glue all the columns. 

Step 8: Finshed

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1.  The finished box has 16 holes.  They should be able to hold 2 pens or pencils each.


shadha.ali.5 made it! (author)2015-06-04

I did not have enough popsicle sticks to make it higher so it could hold pens and pencils; and when it's lower it can't really hold anything unless it's made without the 6 cross pieces at the end. I finally found a use for it though- to store hair holders.

arkangel1975 (author)2013-10-27

cool, I remember those things from when I was little...umm about 30 years ago... glad to see they are still around.

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