Picture of Pen/Pencil holder made from craft sticks
penbox 012.jpg
A simple box for pens and pencils make from craft sicks.
1.  Glue
2.  Craft sticks

Step 1: Start the base

Picture of Start the base
1.  Place about 10 or 11 sticks flat down on your work surface.
2.  The number should be the length of one stick.
shadha.ali.5 made it!2 months ago

I did not have enough popsicle sticks to make it higher so it could hold pens and pencils; and when it's lower it can't really hold anything unless it's made without the 6 cross pieces at the end. I finally found a use for it though- to store hair holders.

pencil holder.jpg
cool, I remember those things from when I was little...umm about 30 years ago... glad to see they are still around.