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What could be more practical than a bicycle that doubles as a pencil?!  It is surprisingly easy to make this fun and functional 'riding implement' out of an old kid's bike and a 4" x 4" wooden beam. 

Step 1: Start Design on the CAD system

Picture of Start Design on the CAD system

See Woodenbikes' genius "CAD" instructions to create a cardboard cutout of your body, so you can figure out proper positioning of wheels/seat/handlebars/etc.  As he says...

"Using a sophisticated 2D CAD system (Cardboard Aided Design) life size cutout of your foot/leg thigh/back and arm, pivoting on brads at the joints, you can design the bike on the ground to explore sizing and clearance issues.  My CAD system sometimes has a Gooey interface if I spill something on it while designing :-)
More seriously, like other CAD systems it has a GUI (Graspable User interface).

Make a cardboard cutout of your lower leg (with foot and pedal), thigh, torso, and straight arm (to a distance 2" back from your wrist). Use it to look for good riding position and clearances for knees to bars, heels to wheels etc. Use the CAD system to layout the riding position, cranks, wheels etc with attention for locating your hands, shoulder, seat-back angle, butt, knees and feet.

For detailed instruction on 12 Steps to designing a sweet handling recumbent, visit Bikesmith Design at  http://bikesmithdesign.com/Design/12Steps.html 

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MuffinMan3 months ago

I ran into a woman (Ellen?) on the pencil bike at the BRC airport a few years ago, loved it. I just saw it again at the Maker Faire and it reminded me that a friend recently sent me the photo below from an art car race in, I think, Northern California around 1975. More pencils!

Pencil Art Car circa 1975.jpg
MuffinMan3 months ago
LucDaRocka13 years ago
Call it Pointless.... -Les Claypool of Primus
frankcox3 years ago
That piece of wood has to wiegh a ton!
Just don't run into anyone...
Back to the drawing board! :o) Literally!!!
My thoughts exactly. =D
roscoerules4 years ago
What is the weight capacity of your invention? Generally speaking, kids' bikes and BMX bikes weren't designed for 215-pounders like me. What do you think?

Otherwise, great job! Thanks for posting!

-- Earl
molittr4 years ago
yay drawknife!
molittr4 years ago
I heard on NPR about a guy who made a Bananamobile and they referenced Richard Scarry!
Manny B4 years ago
:) !
does it really erase
chicopluma4 years ago
that looks dangerous, you know, to the people in front of you
Mimikry4 years ago
now THAT is awesome :o)
you'll never search after your pencil again.
I would like to see the sharpener for it :)

great work!
lmfao just imagine that sharpener it would probably be just a jig saw or something
it writes yes but the question is does it erase
poofrabbit4 years ago
I am so excited you won! I have loved your project since you posted it!
husamwadi4 years ago
congrats dude!
estructor4 years ago
Congratulations on winning first prize!
cjbikenut4 years ago
This is a great project/instructable. Nice balance btwn whimsy and practical, ambitious/manageable. I love the CAD system. You have my vote!
playa1234 years ago
that is EPIC!!!!
ANDY!4 years ago
Thats so epically awesome. Totally want to make something like that!
josephlwu4 years ago
Imma go and impale someone with a bicycle. JK JK. it's very creative and will attract a lot of attention :)
farzadbayan4 years ago
Awesome! Your Instructable remember me "Busytown" cartoon & game!
Thank you!
Ninzerbean4 years ago
This is the BEST! But the hyperlink for the "CAD" instructions doesn't go anywhere.
i love the busytown reference. when i was a kid busytown was my life. nostalgia is killing me now. but great 'ible!
I think I still have that book around somewhere ;)
i still have the book and i remember that page exactly it was my favorite. and i have the computer and board game too, somewhere in my basement. i must find them!
splazem4 years ago
triciab12124 years ago
i love it! I want one! For a second, i was like "crap! we don't have auto-cad! We won't be able to make it!"....then i read your definition of "cad"! LOL! Awesome idea. now i'll have to convince my hubby to make 2 (maybe not the cute "pencil" part, tho).
Matin4 years ago
hi ellen and tom

what great bike!
I just love it
silveruno4 years ago
Looks dangerous, hope you dont run in to anyone.
ha , aerodynamics has the tip up front =) . I'd opt for the eraser up front too though.

Great IBLE . Bikes are So underrated IMHO, in any form .
SHIFT!4 years ago
OH MY GOD, this is amazing! Are you a teacher? This would be so cool to come to school riding on this.
swilus4 years ago
Nice bike! Take it off any sweet jumps lately? lol
LucDaRocka14 years ago
its cool and all, but whats the point? for attention? ok im just jealous.............
Haha "whats the point?" get it?....cause it's a pencil? hahah
Awesome, now you'll never forget to bring a writing utensil when you ride your bike around!
poofrabbit4 years ago
This is just plain cool!!!!! Please shoot me a instructamail when the contest starts I will totally vote for you! Well done!
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