Picture of Pencil Bow in three steps
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A simple pencil bow that has the following supplies
*two pencils
*1 rubberband

Step 1: Get the supplies

Picture of Get the supplies
You will need to get these supplies
  • a rubberband
  • Two pencils

You will need to take the metal and eraser part off of one of the pencils and put a notch like a real arrow. You can use more than two pencils you need one for the base and the rest for ammo put a notch in those and take the eraser part off of them.
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wtf does that have to do with a pencil bow!???????
its not the best, but its a good start
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hi i am new, this is good but it doesn't actuly tell u how to make it. i would really enjoy it if you actuly told me/us
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Can you be a little more specific about your comment I don't really get it. Well, I was trying to tell not show. But if you tell me what to specifically what to do I can do it.
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oh i see dry didnt look
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so you're bloo cheese? baaaaaahahaha. love fosters. Ok honestly when I saw "pencil bow" I thought that you were somehow going to make a bow (like one you'd make with ribbon) out of those two pencils. Maybe I'm just in the presents/christmas mood. As far as improving--for starters, use clear pictures; these are a bit blurry.
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