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I had been meaning to buy a pencil case for weeks and keep forgetting. Then I had an great idea to make one! I had scrapbooking paper lying around from another project, so I decided to use that make a cute and personalized pencil case.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies

Decorative Paper (or you could use an old magazine, or any other paper, maybe even fabric!) I used scrapbooking paper that was about 8"x8". You're going to need 4 sets of 2 sheets of paper.
Mod Podge
Elmer's Glue
Hot Glue

Step 2: Preparing the Paper

Picture of Preparing the Paper
Take two sets of paper and cut to 6" high and 8" wide.

Cut strips into paper 1" wide, stopping 1" before the top of the paper.

With the other sets of paper, cut into complete strips 1" wide. I got about 8 strips, but didn't use them all.

Step 3:

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Take one sheet from a set of the paper with the one inch solid strip on the top. Use the strips of paper from another set of paper to make a basket weave.

Do the same with the second sheet of paper. Then with the sheets from the second set of paper.

*To make a basket start with one strip of paper and weave it over then under the strips cut into the first set of paper. With the next strip do the same thing, but go under then over. Repeat until you reach the end of the paper.

When that is completed, glue all the ends to seal it. Then trim the sheets if you have uneven edges.