Introduction: Pencil Catapult

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Hello and Good whatever it is. This is a Pencil or anything that is pencil sized catapult this is how to make it:

Thingz Needed:

2 Coat Hanger the metal ones
2 2" or 3" spring with loops on the end

Step 1: Cut

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Okay now that you have got the requided prts lets start!

Take coat hagner 1 and cut out the longest peice do the same for coat hanger 2

Then bend them as follows:

The little funny v like things on the top view are there to help the spring stay put

Bend them the same for both hangers.
They must look the same.

Step 2: Springs

Picture of Springs

Now take your springs and slip them over the hooks of both "hangers"

Make sure that 1 set of hooks are up and the others down

Tape the springs in place so that they don't slip around the "hanger"

It should look like the last picture

Step 3: Find

Picture of Find

Okay now find a sutible place to lanch and hook one of the hooks over a table or somthing that won't move to much
Tape it onto the thing

Place a pencil into the upright facing hooks pull back with 1 or 2 fingers (if you do it with 2 make sure u let go at the same time)

Release :-)

Watch the Vid and you will see how to shoot it:



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