Picture of Pencil Crossbow. DANGEROUS!
In this instructable i will show you how to make a dangerous crossbow out of:
3 pencils(unsharpened)
One Rubberband(general size, thick)
Masking Tape
Hot Glue
Ink Part of a Pen

Step 1: Glue

Picture of Glue
Take hot glue, and glue the two pencils together. glue on one side, and leave no gap between pencils!
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NathanT75 months ago
ljie han4 years ago
can i use tape instead?
actually this isnt a crossbow,its more of a crossbow shaped slingshot...
 Nope, it's just a bow mounted on a stock. 
bows dont use rubber bands...
Well, they're not Y-shaped either. So it's not a crossbow, not a bow, and not a slingshot. So what is it?
p.s. (lol)
sling shots dont have to be y shaped.
*checks online dictionary* FAIL *checks another online source* FAIL *checks yet another online dictionary* FAIL

*causes facepalm*
Whatever you say I will use against you, lol. 
diction fail.JPGdiction fail B.JPGdiction fail C.JPG
o and i just looked at the images on ur reply.i read the 2nd(bottom) 1 and saw that it says :"slingshot:a y-shaped stick OR PIECE OF METAL* with a piece of elastic fixed to tha top parts,..."
*...meaning that it can be either a y-shaped stick OR a different form of body(in this case a piece of metal)
 Okay, I'm gonna get my hard copy dictionary. *gets webster's dictionary* VICTORY!!! *gets camera and takes pics* you can't argue with webster. Like you said, "online resources tend to have public access where people edit the meanings" so your above reply is wrong. 
dictionary.bmpdiction slingshot.jpg
FAIL                            FAIL                FAIL           FAIL               FAIL
FAIL                            FAIL                FAIL           FAIL               FAIL
FAIL                            FAIL                 FAIL          FAIL               FAIL
FAIL                            FAIL                 FAIL          FAIL               FAIL
FAIL                            FAIL                 FAIL  FAILFAILFAIL       FAILFAILFAIL

god damnit-.-" lol
i meant an at home dictionary;online recources tend to have public acces where ppl edit tha meanings into their particular view of an object/ idea ;including ppl that have no/little knowlege of that thing. im sure if u find a non public resource u will find many different views of a slingshot.
it IS a sling shot b/cause it uses a simple body to hold a rubber band/propulsion device to "whing" ammo through ur neighbors' windows>.> if u dont understand(no offence) then look up slingshot in tha dictionary...
musicman3868 years ago
hey. nice instructable. i love crossbows and even though the one i posted isn't the best i consider myself a crossbow judge (please let me be dilusional) i think this one is top five. sturdy cheap. nice. by the way... does anyone know where to get surgical rubber bands. the are just a strip of stretchy. but very wide, and would be great for a medium scale diy crossbow.
I think you mean surgical tubing, and i would try ebay.com
Drewhf5 years ago
well, i can see your shirt real well but i dont know what the hell you did to the pencils get better camera kid
The pictures are a little blurry, but the last one basically sums it up. I'm going to try this for sure!
If you sharpened the pencils, you'd have a close combat weapon as well...although that would make an ignorant user more prone to hurting himself or nearby, unaware victims.
I made one with a hollow barrel like origami_king123 said, and it works good all the same
nynjamasta6 years ago
Nice idea with the supper glue. I always use some paper clips or string. You do know that this can be use for air soft, right? VERY inaccurate, but fun. I prefer to just use a few pen barrels , makes it much more accurate.
you could take the hollow part of a pen and put it on there to make a barrel
i made a crossrifle it is intense it is pretty much a longer version of this. it shoots erasers like bullets.
AznPanda7 years ago
This will be great for the summer i can just walk around town buying stuff if i cant find it =D
i made it at scool and im 13 and im at school
wLan6 years ago
dude this indructable is really cool but ıts not very big (:
LINGLING7 years ago
In the last pic u had the pen tube laying on that groove in between those 2 pencils, could u use the groove on the other side and shoot under the 3rd pencil. in the little gap it might be more accurate
jfinney917 years ago
Cant find three pencils, to lazy to own any.
not technically a crossbow but pretty cool, I am keeping mine!
joey25426677 years ago
dude, I shot a ex-acto knife and it stuck like 2 inches into the wall!!!!
lol i should try that
same here :]
jacksteal47 years ago
hey is it flagged when there is a line through the guys name?
Sunbanks8 years ago
Pair it with this....Lots of fun
Mehmed68 years ago
love this crossbow!! i like shooting skewers with it
Kayjay8 years ago
good instructable
liny8 years ago
it is not a real crossbow since the only force it uses is the rubberband and not the pencils. It is a good idea to make in school though.
Ian01 liny8 years ago
Correct. Real crossbows use a flexible bow, not a stretchy bowstring.
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