video Pencil Incinerated with Electricity
120 AC Volts are run through a pencil. A Rheostat is used to regulate voltage.
The pencil Does not survive

Contributors: James Paulius

Shot on an Olympus E-P1 with Panasonic 20mm f1.7 
studleylee8 months ago

I just found this LOL. In the late 80's my friend and I ran a electronic repair shop with about 4 people. We would wait for someone to go into the bathroom, string together heavy test leads, have a pre-sharpened a pencil at both ends, and slid this under the door. We had a huge rack-mounted "power supply of doom". This thing could pump out many amps current limited. The pencil ignited and filled the bathroom with smoke. Was a hilarious prank that happened all the time. Made use almost afraid to go in there. Another prank: when repairing an older crt televisions, make a loud clap behind the person doing the repair. You never get used to the sound. Just like that of an exploding capacitor.

przem1 year ago

Thank you for the inspiration...

Buahahaha......[evilly rubbing hands]......

The Serial Arsonist

foobear3 years ago
omg awesome
techturtle25 years ago
there is a bug in the background. you should burn it.