Introduction: Pencil Machine

Person Pencil Production Plant V1.2 from Robb Godshaw on Vimeo.

Desktop sized all-in-one pencil extruder. Forms usable number 2 pencils at the rate of 20 pencils per hour.

The assignment, present a pencil in such a manner as to cause the pencil to elicit a feeling.
 I instantly decided to create a machine that creates pencils.
Having seen a clay extruder in Micheal’s months earlier, I figured thats where I’d start.
 30 man-hours and 70 dollars later I had created a working machine.
-Pulling lever 1 begins extruding yellow Sculpty brand polymer clay in the shape of a hexagon with a 1/4” diameter. the architectural lead holder holds the lead centered as the clay is extruded around it. When the newly-formed clay hexagonal prism reaches the lead holder both ends are cut.
-The second lever is then lifted. The clay-wrapped Graphite stick then drops to a 5 inch wide heat-proof conveyor belt. Via hand crank, the conveyor belt carries the unfinished pencil through a series of guides that center the pencil under a rubber stamp.
-The pencil is then stamped via lever 3 and the belt cranked further. The pencil then enters an overturned toaster.
-lever 4 is then depressed, activating the oven for one minute. The belt is then cranked further until the pencil falls onto the cooling rack. after cooling one minute an eraser is die-cut from a block of rubber. The eraser is then fitted to the pencil end with a half-inch strip of aluminum tape.
The pencil is now ready.

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sw.machinist (author)2013-08-06

I like the clay extruder instead of two wood halves!
Great work!

rimar2000 (author)2010-05-19

Good idea, good work!

nickodemus (author)2010-05-19

Whhhooaaa... Nice work, that's really quite interesting. What was your inspiration?

Robb (author)nickodemus2010-05-19

I built it on a whim, without any reference.
When I presented it to my professor, he told me to look up the work of artist Tom Sachs. I immediately loved it, and did made my video with inspiration from his.

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