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Personalize your wardrobe with a handmade ring. Use lots of color for summer or create a more toned down look for fall. Design it yourself and do it your way with the following steps and tips. 

For some fantastic inspiration for your own variations, check out Maria Cristina Bellucci. (Thanks for the link meatchris!)
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Step 1: Collect Supplies

Picture of Collect Supplies
Supply List:

hexagonal colored pencils (You can use other shapes, but you risk having gaps between your pencils which may lead to a weaker structure)
super glue or epoxy (I used E6000. It was a big mistake. You need a glue that dries clear and HARD. E6000 dries rubbery. When I had to re-glue pieces, super glue worked fine.)
jewelers saw or hack saw blade (I used these interchangeably.  If you don't have a jewelers saw, you will need a very large drill bit or require a lot of extra sanding.)
masking tape 
drill bit
(with a jewelers saw, you can use a small bit. With no jewelers saw, you need a bit as close to your finger size as possible.)
mod podge
sand paper
scrap wood
dowel/knitting needle/round pencil

Step 2: Arrange and Glue

Picture of Arrange and Glue
*Decide what shape you want your pencils to take. I decided to do a rectangular shape and arranged my pencils in three rows.

*Once you've decided, tape each row on one side to aid you in gluing them together. I only applied glue to about a third of the pencil so that I could use the rest for another project.)

*Once they are taped, add glue to the appropriate sides. When each row is dry, glue the rows together.

*Once everything is glued, tape the entire bundle at both ends

Tip: Be sure that you pay attention to the entire length of the pencil. It needs to be straight from one end to the other. 

Tip: Even if you choose not to glue the entire length of the pencil, don't cut the rest off until you absolutely have to. The extra length will help you grip and control your project. 
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Joetta_Jett1 month ago
you're totally right... lol^^ the round ones do NOT work... but I can't find a store with yours.. hmm..
Brooklyntonia (author)  Joetta_Jett1 month ago

Look for Faber Castell pencils. You could order them off Amazon if need be. So glad you're giving it a shot!

daner girl 166 months ago
michaelgc9 months ago

Great looking ring, My wife would love one of these. I think that you should find some kind of good cause, and put some people to work making these. I am sure you could get a whole bunch of pencils donated.

jasonw65651 year ago
I made this as a Christmas present for my fourteen year old sister. It was very easy, but making the hole large enough was a challenge. I found the easiest way to widen it was with a simple pocket knife. Great idea! Thank you!
A forstner bit would probably have given a cleaner hole.
And yeah, e-6000 does not dry hard.

But a very cool idea.
mygibzone1 year ago
Love this! Very creative & resourceful!
It would be cool to cut the top in a diamond shape! I think I'll try that!
Fantastic idea! I'd love to see pics posted here of the finished product.
What is "mod podge"
Mod Podge is a clear coat usually used for decopage. You could use any kind of sealer or laquer as well. I just happen to have some Mod Podge lying around.
bricobart1 year ago
And, try to use a clock drill next time, the hole will be proper formed from the beginning and you'll reduce the risk of splitting the wood.
Brooklyntonia (author)  bricobart1 year ago
Yes, that would have been nice, but the only one I have is way too big, and I tend to lean towards the "make it work" philosophy and not buy extra tools that I may never use again. Plus, I'm a teacher on summer vacation and it is very possible that when I was working on this, I simply did not want to have to get dressed and go to the store. It's pretty nutty how much more work I'll do in the name of laziness.
bricobart1 year ago
Seen you made it to the final, great! Nice work, also - pure creativity & inventive woodworking. Like it!
DeeRilee1 year ago
As an artist.....I want one! =)

But I don't want to sacrifice my CPs! =(

I'll have to keep an eye open for sales on CPs, the higher end ones have such greater pigment load, but the gloss finish may compensate.

Great idea, I love it!
Ooooo, I've had another thought! I also love custom knives, I can envision a knife handle made from CPs!!! OMG!!!! It would be beautiful!
Brooklyntonia (author)  DeeRilee1 year ago
I love it!
Brooklyntonia (author)  DeeRilee1 year ago
Yes, I didn't want to use my Prismas either. I bought specifically for this project. You might also find some at a thrift store.
amonj021 year ago
Awesome. If only I had a saw.........
Brooklyntonia (author)  amonj021 year ago
I got my jewelers saw at a local college art supply store. College supply stores have to carry a little of everything and at competitive rates. Otherwise a hacksaw blade from your local hardware store is easy to come by and quite cheap. Just wrap some duct tape around the end you're gripping.
Ebay is where I got my jewlers saw & blades. I think it may have cost $12 with shipping?

You can also get hobby hacksaws (the blades are probably about 3x "taller" than a big jewler's saw), or a coping saw. Honestly I'd recommend getting a coping saw if you can't get a hold of a jewlers' saw.
vbanaszak1 year ago
I am going to have to give this a go. Now, as usual, I am mad at myself for getting rid of all those cheap pencils that I never use. Sigh. I save all my nubs. I will have to find a way to use them.
meatchris1 year ago
Hi Brooklyntonia, thanks for the instructable. 

If you were inspired by Maria Cristina Bellucci or Miyuki Tokunaga, it would be nice to mention them. I realise you may be unaware of these artists.


Brooklyntonia (author)  meatchris1 year ago
Actually, I'm an art teacher and I saw someone selling all sorts of colored pencil jewelry and bowls a few years ago at an art teacher convention, but thanks for the additional inspiration! I'll add that link to the intro.
BigMrTree1 year ago
This is a great idea!! Would never have thought about using colored pencils as a source for woodworking material!! I could definitely see laminating a whole bunch together to make a "pencil" box!!
Brooklyntonia (author)  BigMrTree1 year ago
Great idea!
agis681 year ago
onemoroni11 year ago
Very cleaver! I see tons of colored pencils in thrift stores.
annieannie1 year ago
This gives me many ideas!! Thank you :)
r4n1 year ago
Too Cool!
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
Clever clever clever!
Spokehedz1 year ago
I would really recommend using polyester resin, and a vacuum chamber so you can get good penetration into the wood for a really solid block of pencils. The polyester resin will allow you to get a really high gloss onto the final ring, as well as keep all the pencils held together. The vacuum chamber is there to pull out all the little bubbles from around the tiny gaps around the pencils, as well as allow for penetration into the actual wood of the pencils themselves.

Great instructable!
This is what I can call thinking beyond the obvious :). Thank you so much for sharing.
aqua 121 year ago
So cool and colorful it's so me
troberts81 year ago
Amazing! Every artist needs one. I absolutely love it!
troberts81 year ago
Amazing! Every artist needs one. I absolutely love it!
artfulann1 year ago
Like Like!!
MonkiMan1 year ago
Genius, Love the idea!
That looks awesome! The colors are very sweet. I saw the picture and had to see how you made it...
sunshiine1 year ago
This is brilliant, colorful, and unique! Thanks for sharing. I wish you the best in the contest! Have a splendorous weekend!
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