Introduction: "Pencildriver"

Often times when using a screwdriver, people have the need to mark where they are going to screw. Especially when your marking is on darker types of wood/material, those markings may be hard to see and switching back and forth from your pencil to the screwdriver might cause problems. This contraption not only allows you to mark where you want to screw and then immediately screw after, it also serves as a normal pencil with a simple handle for other uses.

Step 1:

Gather all the necessary materials which are scotch tape, a 3/4 to 1.25 in. washer, one small rubber band, a large rubber band, full pencil, keyhole saw, and a flush screw holder.

Step 2:

Find about the halfway mark of the pencil and cleanly cut through the width of the pencil.

Step 3:

Take the top half of the pencil and stick that piece into the flush screw holder until its nice and secure.

Step 4:

Apply tape slowly and tightly around the base of the flush screw holder so until thick enough so the washer can be placed on the base securely.

Step 5:

Carefully slip the washer onto the base of the flush screw holder where tape was applied.


1. Rap the smaller rubber band around both the tip of the pencil and the tip of the screw driver. Fasten the two pieces together by double rolling it.

2. Roll the small rubber down from the edges of the pencil and the screwdriver so it doesn't restrict the pencil from marking.

3. Double roll the big rubber band around the handle of the screw driver and the base of the flush screw holder (specifically on the area that is behind the washer).

Step 7: NOTE**

The washer can be moved along the base as needed depending on what angle desired to exist between the contraption and the screwdriver when the two are attached.

further down the base = bigger angle

further up the base = smaller angle

Step 8: Video



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    absolutely phenomenal work.... might be a little excessive but its still a good concept

    That's neat :)