I got the idea for how to make this happen from ChrysN's Instructable titled Wood Pendant Necklace.

This past Christmas I wanted to get my wife something that she would love... without spending a fortune. We had decided to make all of our son's Christmas gifts (some of which I have documented in my other Instructables), so I thought maybe I could make something for my wife as well.

So, armed with the info I got from ChrysN's instructable and my tools I set out to accomplish the impossible: make a heartfelt Christmas present, that had meaning, on my lunch hour at work, over the course of about a week.

Somehow it worked.

(I do want to apologize ahead of time for many blurry pictures. I discovered the macro feature about halfway through this project.)

Step 1: Materials

There are endless variations of this project, but to do it the way I did it you will need:

-"Rectangle/Signs" (I used Lara's Crafts brand, from Michael's)
-Mod Podge Puzzle Saver
-Printed medium (for back of pendant, I'll explain more later)
-Findings (these are the clasps and little rings you use to attach things)

-Small needle nose pliers
-Foam brush
-Wood Burner
-Drill with tiny drill bit
Love the penguin one :)
I don't have a wood burner, but what i have done in the past, which i think will work just as well, is use a magnifying glass and the wood on a hot day. And thanks for the idea, I hope to try it soon. I might also varnish mine...<br>
Wow, either I'm vastly underestimating the sun/magnifying glass method or you must be incredibly patient. Let me know how if that works, and how long it takes. Post pictures too!
Cute idea! I like penguins!
Simple and cute. A great use for scrap wood. :)
Oo, that would be cool. If you used scraps or driftwood or something like that you could just go with the natural shape of the wood too, which could be cool.

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