Introduction: Pendant Lamp From Hanging Planter: Ikea Skurar Hack

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I was looking for a small pendant lamp and could not find the right design. Then I came across the Ikea Skurar Hanging Planter, standing upside down on the shelves.... Exactly what i wanted and the design only needed a hole to fit in the Hemma cord set.....

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

column-type drill
drills (I used 2mm and 3.5mm)
small metal cutter
rounded file

1 Ikea Skurar Hanging Planter
1 Ikea Hemma Cord Set
1 Bulb

Step 2: First Steps...

Picture of First Steps...

Unscrew the plastic ring from the Hemma cord set and place it on the bottom of the Skurar hanging planter (or the top of the Skurar pendant lamp :-) ). Trace the inner circle with the marker.
Use the 2mm drill and the machine to drill small holes across the line.

Step 3: A Little Further...

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Then drill again using the 3.5mm drill, widening the gaps.
Use the metal cutters to cut the last circle completly.

Step 4: Smoothhh....

Picture of Smoothhh....

Use the file to remove sharp edges and file until the Hemma cord set fits nicely.

Step 5: Finished....

Picture of Finished....

Well... almost finished still need to hang the lamp and put in a bulb. But you get the idea...


jm.beckers (author)2014-11-02


The wires in the wall had a difference in height.of 8cm.

I gave them a little support to hide this and level the lamps.


scoochmaroo (author)2011-11-08


rvanschendel (author)scoochmaroo2011-11-08


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