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Introduction: Pendriver Air Gun

About: Howdy! How ya doin'? I'm Michael, and I LOVE to build. My workshop is a mess, my room has scattered devices across the floor, and I am co-owner of a small Java game website. Tis' a maker's life for me.

My pendriver air gun! It shoots up to 20 pens and pencils at cardboard piercing speeds after being pumped to 45 PSI with a bike pump. It's held together with hot glue, (which fails at 50 PSI) and the air tank is a 2-liter bottle for soda.



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    Good idea, if you can get some super glue or pvc cement it will hold pressures of 100 psi onwards, (tried it meself).
    And is that a bag over your pressure tank?, cos if it is its a good way of stopping the tank exploding and harming yourself/others around you.

    Nice work

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    Thanks! I have PVC glue but I never bothered with it on this because I don't really need a lethal weapon. It is a sock over the tank actually, but yes, you got the purpose correct :P

    cool idea bro. same here, I dont go above 50 psi too. Not because of a limit but coz i did use pvc glue, just that, even 50 psi is enough to drive nail darts through zinc roofing. im not good enough to do metalwork yet. but I never thought of using anything to prevent injury if it ever explodes. gonna find something for it one day too.