Picture of Penguin Love Mixed Media Canvas
Step 1:  Prepare 8x10 canvas with gesso. Let dry.

Step 1:

Picture of
magic stamp.JPG
matte medium.JPG
canvis with stamp.JPG
step 2:  I used pink and green gelatos from Faber- Castell and outlined from outside to the center. I used some water and matte medium on a paint brush to blend the gelatos in. and I took a magic stamp block and pressed it into a basket to get a cool design. randomly stamped the background. with the magic stamp and stazon ink. I allowed that to dry and covered the whol;e canvas with a layer of matte medium. let dry completely.
I really loved this picture, Penguins have so much love to one another this is a winner in my eyes. I love to see more work from this person